You need a license to fish and a license to put a sign in your yard. You have to study and pass a test to get a driver's license, a barber's license or a tool and die certificate, yet, no studying, license or certificate is required for the most important and hardest job we will have - parenting. We recognize that children do not live in isolation. They live with their families and by improving the families' parenting skills we can improve the lives of the children.

Children First received a grant and will begin offering a nationally recognized, interactive parenting class, Redirecting Children's Behavior. Plans are to make it available to all DeKalb County families. An intense advertising campaign will be used to emphasize that all parents can benefit from this help, not just "bad parents." There will be no charge for the classes but each participant will be asked to pay a commitment fee that is based on their ability to pay. This fee will cover the cost of snacks and additional materials for both the child care provided and the classes.

Nurturing Parent Program

A parent mentor provides coaching to help identify issues, address parenting challenges and roadblocks, and support the Nurturing Parenting philosophy. 

Nurturing Parenting Program:

  • Free - No Cost to You!

  • Conveniently Meet in Your Own Home

  • 10 Lessons to Complete

  • Can Be Taught in a Group Setting

  • Flexible Training Times

  • Receive Program Certification Upon Completion

Home practice assignments allow parents to apply techniques learned to their own family situation.

Lesson Topics

  • Philosophy & Practices of Nurturing Parenting

  • Ages & Stages of Growth for Infants/Toddlers

  • Brain Development in Children & Teens/Domestic Violence

  • Communicating with Respect

  • Building Self-Worth in Children

  • Understanding Feelings

  • Family Morals, Values and Rules

  • Praising Children and Their Behavior

  • Alternatives to Spanking

  • Dealing with Stress

Lessons are personalized with goals, interactive scenarios, handouts, and question/discussion time.

Shaken Baby Program

Children First Center offeres a variety of community training opportunites in DeKalb, Noble and Steuben Counties.


Shaken Baby Syndrome Training is designed for:

  • parent groups

  • school groups

  • service groups

  • community groups


Gain the knoweldge to keep babies safe:

  • Understand its Cause and Disastrous Effects

  • Find out About Developing Brains

  • Learn Tips and Techniques for Crying Babies

  • Be Prepared as a Parent or as an Advocate